Synth Folk.jpg

Synth Folk

by Holkham

Quite folky, a few synthesisers and a bit of fun..

  • 2:01
    Funky Synth Bass from an analogue mono synth, Brazilian guitar and shakers for good measure. G Major, 98 BPM.
  • 1:05
    Laid back Banjo, Accordion and shuffle drums. C Major, 135 BPM.
  • 1:00
    Beats from a toy Casio keyboard, harmonica and LoFi guitar. G Major, 90 BPM.
  • 0:33
    Starts with a Ukulele and Accordion then builds with hand claps, shakers, pot and pans, stylophone and other toy instruments. C Major, 98 BPM.
  • 1:06
    Mono-synth, lofi guitar, Omnichord and other retro kids toys. C Major, 98 BPM.