creative SOUND design


Music Composition

I use a wide range of instruments to create the exact sound you want. Accordions, singing saw, piano, strings, analogue synths, old bikes, bowls, bells and toy piano. Creating something that is truly bespoke to the project.

“We come to Simon at Holkham with our various animated films as he is able to handle all the aspects of the sounds we need - he writes wonderful melodies when we need a musical score. It’s a joy to work with Simon and we always feel happier when we can get him involved in one of our projects.”
— Pete Mellor. Animation director at Peepshow Collective
“I love it, very classy!’
— John Chen (BlackBerry CEO)

Sound design and branding

Stings, sonic branding, character voice design -  whatever your sound design or branding brief, I have a wealth of experience with a diverse range of clients. I work closely with the client to ensure that I meets your specific needs within the time frame. Creating the sound that will set you apart from everyone else.

“Why Not Associates have commissioned music and sound design from Simon for over 10 years. We can’t keep away. Simon is always our first choice for all things aural. From a score for Rosemary Butchers 2005 performance at Tate Modern, to films for Nike, Blackberry & ITV, Simon always understands what’s required. He creates soundtracks that both excite and surprise but still manage fit our visuals perfectly. If that isn’t enough, and it is, he is also a total joy to work with. Always on time and always exceeding expectations.”
— David Ellis (Why Not Associates)


Holkham Sound can deliver a colourful variety of sound, from music or Foley to sound design, sound editing and mixing. My film portfolio includes BBC animations, an art film with a piano falling from a tower block, and a documentary of astronauts training. My creative approach means I can meet your brief whether a traditional film or something really experimental.

“I have collaborated with Simon on several feature length and short films and his contribution to those projects both creatively and technically has been invaluable. He is always a pleasure to work with and his passion for sound design and experimentation has been a big inspiration to me. I have learnt a lot from him over the course of the films we have worked on together and would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a collaborator with a unique ear and a down to earth approach to transforming technical obstacles into useful tools and creative opportunities.”
— Daniel Fawcett, The Underground Film Studio

Sound for Exhibition and Museums 

Sound is an important element in any museum or gallery exhibit, it can allow visitors to immerse themselves in the atmosphere and subject matter of an exhibition. My approach is to work closely with clients in order to create soundscapes that successfully communicate the concept of an exhibition, and maintaining a high level of authenticity towards the subject matter. Creating a bespoke multichannel soundscape that adds value to an visual piece whilst engaging visitors, encouraging participation and interaction.

My creative approach is ideal for your more unusual projects and collaborations. I have worked in a diverse range of locations including Tate Modern Turbine Hall, Orford Ness bomb testing site, Churchill War Rooms and Akademie der Künste in Berlin. Previous work has involved burning pianos, resonating empty rooms to the point of collapse and recording the infra-sonic communication of elephants.

“Simon’s sound composition enhanced the choreographic and visual identity of the performance. It was a wonderful collaboration!”
— Rosemary Butcher