E Piano Banner 2.jpg

Ethereal Piano

by Holkham

Mellow reverb drenched melancholic piano...

  • 3:25
    Loopy piano poly-rhythms slowly building accompanied by a mellow synth and the sound of a rusty gate. Gm. 98 BPM.
  • 1:54
    Slow piano chords, strings building and a half-time beat. G minor, 94 BPM.
  • 2:32
    Pedal note, slow piano chords, sad cello with a Lo-fi beat. C minor 120 BPM.
  • 2:30
    Ambient solo piano with poignant pedal point. Fm, 109 BPM
  • 1:02
    Nostalgic piano chords with synth pads and LoFI beat. G♯ minor, 84 BPM.
  • 1:09
    Rhythmic piano with show and fast sections. Bm. 169 BPM.
  • 9:38
    Ambient piano textures built up from various audio tape loops augmented with a slow melody played on a Roland JP 8000.